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About was established in 2000 as the first UK company to specialise in offering educational establishments a secure and bespoke on-line credit and debit card payment service, for receiving payments from parents and carers. Our school finance consultant has more than 20 years experience through working in one of the largest LEAs in England and is responsible for the monitoring and distribution of over 12m of grants to schools, each year.


SchoolPay is unique. It integrates seamlessly with any existing school web site or Learning Platform (VLE), enabling the school to maintain its chosen house style. Unlike our more recently established competitors, SchoolPay does not require parents and carers to have a special account, username or password, enabling payments to be made by anyone. For schools, this completely eliminates the administrative problems associated with forgotten usernames and passwords, and any changes to parental access rights to a pupil's account. This can be particularly difficult for schools that have pupils who are in care.



On-line transactions are handled by RBS WorldPay, one of the world's premier payment service providers. To support schools, our service agreement with them includes both a fraud and stolen card check.

Parents and carers can be assured that their card and personal details are fully encrypted during the payment transaction, are held securely by the payment service provider and that their card details are never made available to SchoolPay or the school.

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