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Advantages for schools using SchoolPay

In England, the government's workforce reform policy requires schools to assess and reduce wherever possible, administrative tasks currently undertaken by teaching staff.  An average secondary school is likely to use the equivalent of 30 working days collecting, recording and chasing payments for school activities.

With the Government's agenda for increasing devolved budgets and self-management of schools, school finance officers and bursars are constantly experiencing an increase in workload.  The electronic transfer of funds from parents directly into the school's bank account, rather than payments in cash or by cheque, will therefore be welcomed by most schools and can significantly reduce administrative costs.

Removing the handling of cash and cheques also improves security and offers school finance officers and bursars, the opportunity to delegate some of the more general associated administrative tasks.

Both the school and the parent are automatically notified by email, when a payment has been made, eliminating the need for paper receipts and the chance of cheques being returned uncleared, due to insufficient funds.



Advantages for parents using SchoolPay enables you to browse the activities and events listed on the school's own web site or Learning Platform (VLE) and then pay for them on-line, using a credit or debit card. Payment and personal details are transferred to RBSWorldPay using a secure and encrypted link. Your card details are never passed to the school.

RBSWorldPay will immediately email you with confirmation of your payment, so you know that your payment has been received by the school. Your children will no longer need to transport money or cheques to school.

If you use a credit card, repayments may be made at your convenience, subject to your card provider's normal terms and conditions.