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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Does the use of SchoolPay comply with our school's financial regulations?

A. Yes. SchoolPay provides the back-office functionality to allow your school to display the events and activities you require parents and carers to pay for. All the card processing and financial services are handled by RBSWorldPay using an account owned by your school. RBSWorldPay is fully compliant with all UK and EU financial service and banking regulations.

Q. How do we configure our school web site or Learning Platform (VLE) to to receive on-line payments and what would our payment page look like?

A. SchoolPay hosts and displays all of the events you would like to receive payment for. You supply details of your events to SchoolPay through a simple on-line form, using your unique username and password. Click on Demonstration tab above to view an example.

Q. Do parents and carers need a special account, username or password to use SchoolPay?

A. No. Unlike more recent competitors, anyone can make a payment to your school.

Q. Can SchoolPay be used in conjunction with another payment service, such as Parentpay?

A. Yes.

Q. How do schools and parents receive notification that a payment has been made?

A. Both the school and the person paying will receive an email directly from RBSWorldPay, our payment service provider. In addition, schools will also have access to a back-office portal, providing additional information and functionality.

Q. Can we notify parents of the SchoolPay payment service in printed newsletters or notes, referring to events and activities?

A. Yes, just advise them in the letter of the address of your SchoolPay payment page. This will be in the form

Q. How do we receive payments?

A. Payments are directly transferred by RBSWorldPay into the school's bank account on an a weekly basis.

Q. How do we provide a parent with a refund?

A. The parent would contact the school and the school would then make the refund via their RBSWorldPay account.

Q. How much does SchoolPay cost?

A. For full details, click on the pricing tab at the top of this page.